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Archival Framing, Fabrication & Design
Archival Framing

Archival Framing

Custom Display

Custom Display



Our experienced artisans combine the best in old-world craftsmanship with modern techniques to create museum quality framing and displays that not only protect, but are also designed to complement the work for display.  While designing framing and presentation options, we reference the piece’s historical context, and work with our clients’ vision to create frames that are works of art in their own right.  An archival frame is built to last for generations, collaborate with our designers for that special piece; and create a lasting legacy.

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Museum Quality Archival Framing

Archival art framing - detail of a custom wood carved frame sample
Museum quality framing - detail of closed corner gilded frame
Museum quality custom welded float frame

Preservation Considerations

Our specialists are passionate about the care and display of art, photographs, works on paper, textiles, and sculpture. Framing and display options are designed to ensure the longevity of the pieces we frame through the use of archival mats, mounts, reversible mounting methods including handmade wheat paste and Asian tissue hinges. Also offered are a variety of UV filtering glazing and housing options to protect from environmental and exposure as well as fading.

Perfect Presentation

Presenting a work of art in the right frame not only provides protection and ensures longevity of the piece, it should also compliment the work it houses. We collaborate with our clients to choose framing with a thoughtful, aesthetically pleasing design. Provenance offers a limitless selection of frame styles from historically inspired ornamented designs to mid-century moulding, to profiles welded in raw steel.  We offer aged and patinated finishes, to sleek, polished, minimal polished metal frames. Custom acrylic display cases, hand wrapped linen mats, stacked profiles and shadowboxes, each piece is given individual attention to achieve an optimal design.

Custom Fabrication

In addition to hardwood profiles, closed corner gilded frames, and length moldings, we offer custom design, fabrication and finishing services to achieve truly unique presentations that our clients envision. Our artisans are skilled in wood carving, gilding, veneer matching and design, custom inlays, traditional and modern finishes, leather application, tooling, and they handle a number of materials, including bone, mother of pearl, shagreen, etc.


Our specialists are also available to visit collections to review their archival needs, interior design, and environmental exposures of areas of potential display to provide options for preservation, archival considerations, design and installation.  Depending on the scope of the assessment, budgets and priorities for preservation and framing can be provided.


Museum Quality Custom Display

Modern museum display cases

Design, Fabrication & Customization

Our display cases and cabinets fulfill the requirements of archival preservation as well as proper monitoring for theft, fire, humidity and temperature. Provenance offers archival adaptation of traditional historic display systems (vitrines, display tables, built in cabinetry, etc.) by retro fitting them with archival frames, mounting systems, UV protective lighting distribution, and environmental monitoring elements without altering the beauty of original woodwork and millwork.


Cutting Edge Design & Historically Referenced Fabrication

In addition to custom frames and displays, the experienced artisans of Provenance combine the best in old-world craftsmanship with modern-day technologies to produce custom furniture and interior finishes.  From cutting edge, one-of-a-kind pieces to period inspired reproductions that meet museum standards, we are committed to attention to detail and exceptional craftsmanship.

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Burnishing white gold leaf
Welded art frame scuffing
Custom frame fabrication - preparing surface for gesso application